across your life

Chapter 12 references across your life recreation and leisure dynamics.  As you read the chapter specifically link key aspects to your own experiences and future ambitions, with regard to your engagement in recreation and leisure activities.

Specific developmental highlights consisting of physical, cognitive and socio emotional characteristics are examined across the span of life: early childhood; adolescence/teens; middle adulthood and twilight years.

Which life area resonated with you the most, and why?  You do NOT HAVE to address your life up to the current point (early childhood or adolescence).  You MAY connect with the information with later years (middle adulthood or seniors), so do not be hesitant to speak on parts of your life that have yet to unfold (the future).

Specifically reference content from each stage: physical, cognitive and socio emotional in your response.  You only need to address one of the stated life cycle time periods.


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