Answer each question with 100 words each

1What three goals should you accomplish during the introduction of an oral presentation?

2What three tasks should you accomplish in the close of your presentation?

3You have been asked to give a business presentation to a small group of cross-functional peers to inform them of a new corporate policy.  What kind of strategy and style would you select to accomplish this presentation?

4What are some common errors that inexperienced presenters make when giving oral presentations?

5What are some of the most common problems with resumes?

6Do you think resume fraud is a greater issue today than it was in previous generations of workers, or is there merely more emphasis on it because there are so many ways to verify the information electronically in modern business?

7Some people don’t have a clear career path when they enter the job market. If you’re in this situation, how would your uncertainty affect the way your write your resume?



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