Answer the following questions

Reference: Werner, Jon M.; DeSimone, Randy L. (2012). Human Resource Development (6th ed.). South-Western College Pub


1.      Compare and contrast Human Resource Development to that of Human Resource Management.

2.      Discuss and explain the purposes of and advantages of conducting a needs assessment.  

3.      What is the purpose of the HRD evaluation? Explain and include an example.

4.      Define and explain the goals of employee orientation/onboarding and describe one characteristic or element that depicts an orientation program’s effectiveness.

5.      Explain specific ways that management development can be linked to organizational goals and strategies.

6.      Define organizational development and discuss and explain the benefits of using any one of the types of interventions: Human process-based; Techno-Structural; Sociotechnical systems; or organizational transformation.

7.      Explain and provide an example of what managing diversity is (or means) and what are the expected outcomes or benefits of managing diversity effectively?



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