Question#1-IRB and Patient Safety


Medical research is important to quality health care delivery. However there must be trust between the public, medical researchers, and the health care industry.

This means ensuring patient/participant safety in medical research.

Discuss the role of the IRB and the Belmont Report in ensuring ethical and safe treatment of patients during medical research.


(300 word limit ) 

Question#2 -Subprinciples of LeadershipResources

  • Read Chapter 15, “Foster Team Effectiveness by Fulfilling Key Leadership Functions,” pages 275–293. Chapters 15, 17, and 18 focus on team dynamics. This chapter addresses how to improve team effectiveness. Pay particular attention to the suggestions provided. You will use the concepts in this chapter in one of the discussions in this unit. Please answer this question if you have the book 


In the Locke text:

Define leadership. Next, select and evaluate one of the subprinciples discussed in Chapter 15 of the Locke text. Your evaluation should be geared toward someone who is not familiar with the subprinciple. This means you will also have to explain how the subprinciple fits in the overall structure of effective work teams.


( 300 word limit) 

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