Assignment 2 Ethical and Socially Responsive Business






Because of the human aspect of ethics and its links to business success, corporate leaders must be careful about their behaviors, and how they address problems. For this assignment, you must select the code of ethical conduct for: 


·         Cheesecake Factory (


As a basis for your written assignment, you will assume that you are the CEO of your chosen restaurant. Be sure to identify the restaurant you have chosen in your written paper.


Write a two to three (3-4) page paper in which you:


1.      Describe key areas of the selected company’s code of conduct that are of significant importance to the business, and explain why.


2.      Explain the key steps that the company should take to ensure that employees follow the code of conduct.  


3.      Suggest three (3) ways in which the restaurant can engage in socially responsive activities in the community within which it operates. 


4.      Use at least two (3) quality resources. (One resource may be your restaurant choice above, and the other resource may be an outside resource or your class textbook). You will need to cite these resources within your assignment and on your reference page. Note: Wikipedia does not qualify as a quality resource.




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