2A-The International Labor Organization (ILO) is a United Nations agency that promotes internationally recognized human rights for workers, including the right for workers to organize and the abolition of forced labor. The ILO’s efforts include the collection of international statistics on labor, many of which are available online in the ILO’s Laborsta database.

Look up the database

Under Information, click on LABORSTA for ILO Offices.

Click on a geographic region.

Click on Main Statistics, which will open a page on which you can create tables by selecting various kinds of information and countries.

Create tables by selecting:

1-Five countries that interest you,

2-the most recent five years, and

3-either “Hours of work in manufacturing” or “Wages in manufacturing.”

After table is ready,  answer the following questions:

1-Write a short paragraph comparing and contrasting the data for the five countries you selected.

2-If you were helping a manufacturing company set up overseas operations, which of the five countries would you recommend investigating further? Why? If you need more information about the countries, check an encyclopedia or the CIA World Factbook (

3-As you decide where to set up the manufacturing facility, what else would you want to know about the countries?

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