Job Analysis (min 3 pages) – Human Resources Specialist

For this paper, perform a job analysis on your current (or past) job. You will construct a Job Analysis. The paper should be formatted with the following subheadings. Although not required, you can include a job matrix chart to support your written paper, if you feel it supports your analysis.



·         develop tasks statements

·         divide the tasks into dimensions

·         rate the importance of the tasks


·         identify the KSAOs

·         rate the importance of the KSAOs


Job Context

·         determine the context in which the job will be performed

·         develop a job description for the job including the essential functions

·         develop the job specifications for the job



Note:  Papers require a cover page (in addition to the page minimum), an introduction, a body separated into multiple sections (subheadings as provided in the assignment), a conclusion, and a separate References page. Papers should include references which support the readings (tie in concepts/theory from the textbook to the application/article). Papers should follow APA writing style guidelines, which includes writing in Times New Roman font, with double-spacing, and page numbers.

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