Business analysis of case attached – deadline 8 am pst 6th May

Using rthe case tudy attached, Answer the questions below in 3 pages

Deadline very strict 

List 4 industry characteristics


Driving forces

List three driving forces. Will these forces positively or nemgatively affect the industry? Will these forces posityively or negatively affect Coach inc.?


Key success factors

List 3 key success factors. Support your answer, why do you believe that these are very imoortant factors?



Conduct a SWOT analysis for Coach inc. 


Using case information, summarize Coach inc’s financial health

Reccomendations, Given the industry enviroment and Coach inc. capabilities, provide two reccomendations for the company

company Analysis

Usinr the Hambrick Model, please define Coach Inc strategy

Arenas; Differenctiators; Staging; Vihecles; 

Economic Logic:

Circle the Generic Compitivene Strategy that Coach Inc. is currently using

Low cost, Focused Low cosdt, Differentiation, Focused Differenciation,  Explain and Support tour decision. 


Conduct a poters 5 force analysis using the chart below


select one (strong, moderate, low)




select (strong, moderate, low)



Threat to entry

select (strong, moderate, low)




select (strong, moderate, low)




select (strong, moderate, low)










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