CHEM 270 – Analytical Chemistry

CHEM 270 Solutions can be bought here. Please contact Grafa before buying the answers. You can buy only several files from all quizes and exams. 


Lecturer: Dr. Heather Grunkemeyer


Chemical Measurements Chapter 1

 Experimental Error Chapter 3

 Statistics Chapter 4

 Calibration Methods Chapter 5

 Equilibrium Chapter 6

 Titrimetric Analysis Chapter 7

 Gravimetric Analysis Chapter 27

 Activity/Systematic Equilibrium Chapter 8

 Acid/Base Equilibrium Chapter 9

 Buffers Chapter 9

 Polyprotic Acid/Base Chapter 10

 Acid/Base Titrations Chapter 11

 Electrochemistry Chapter 14

 Potentiometry Chapter 15

 Redox Titrations Chapter 16

 Spectroscopy Chapter 18 


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