REALLY NEED THIS TODAY BUT WILLING TO EXTEND DEADLINE TILL TOMORROW….This assignment is worth 40 points, and I need all 40! Must be new and original work, in apa format, and must use AT LEAST 1 additional peer reviewed source.

Must be at least 350 words, and all points must be addressed.


In this assignment, you will discuss the ethical issues raised in a brief scenario. In addition, you will discuss what action you would take and why.


Consider the following situation: A forensic mental health professional (who specialized in criminal cases) retired from practice about 10 years ago. She was asked by her husband’s boss to conduct a custody evaluation. The boss is seeking full-time custody of her two young children and alleges that her ex-husband has severe mental health issues.

What are the potential ethical issues raised in this scenario? Be sure to support your response with the appropriate ethical guidelines from the APA’s Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct and Specialty Guidelines for Forensic Psychology. What action would you take and why? Be sure to describe your process of ethical decision making.


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