Discussion 1


Consider the poem Galway Kinnell, “Blackberry Eating,”. Draft a debatable statement about what the poem means from your perspective. What are the points you would make in an analysis? What specifics in the poem can you use to develop and illustrate those points?


Discussion 2


What are the techniques that should be used in drafting or revising a paper? Review the information in this week’s Content area on “hotspotting.” How can you use this technique when you draft or revise an essay? What do you see that might help you in using that process?


Discussion 3


This workshop will enable you to give and receive valuable peer comments on Essay 1.  Post a draft of your introduction with your thesis and a rough outline or plan of the points you want to develop in your essay by Wednesday.


Essay 1: Poetry Analysis


Gwen Harwood, “In the Park . Using close reading techniques, develop an argumentative thesis for your analysis. Write a two-three-page paper that supports your thesis. At the end of the essay, provide a Writing Process Summation. This paper must have a Works Cited page, separate from the body of the essay (insert a page break to make sure it is always on another page).


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