English homework


For the final in this course, you will be required to submit the following items:

  • Letter of Application (fictional)
  • Résumé (current)


Letter of Application:

For the Letter of Application assignment, research a job and/ or company that you are interested in applying to after graduation. Using business letter format, provide a detailed letter why you are qualified for the job. Within your letter, be sure to outline your educational history, job related experience, skills, abilities, and any other important information related to the job description. 


For this assignment, it is fine to use fictional information, but try to be as realistic as possible. 


Also, in place of a Letter of Application, you are welcome to write and submit a Personal Statement for those applying to UW and WSU. 



For the Résumé assignment, provide a current functional résumé outlining your education, work history, skills, and abilities. 

(You do not need to include “Objective”).


As a reminder, no one will have access to your résumé; however, if you are not comfortable submitting a “real” résumé, you are welcome to submit a fictional one. 

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