3.56   As shown in Fig. P3.56, 0.1 kg of propane is contained within a piston-cylinder assembly at a constant pressure of

0.2 MPa. Energy transfer by heat occurs slowly to the propane, and the volume of the propane increases from 0.0277 m3 to 0.0307 m3. Friction between the piston and cylinder is negligible. The local atmospheric pressure and acceleration of gravity are 100 kPa and 9.81 m/s2, respectively. The propane experiences no significant kinetic and potential energy effects. For the propane, determine (a) the initial and


3.57   A piston–cylinder assembly contains water, initially saturated liquid at 150°C. The water is heated at constant temperature to saturated vapor.

(a)    If the rate of heat transfer to the water is 2.28 kW, determine the rate at which work is done by the water on the piston, in kW.

(b)   If in addition to the heat transfer rate given in part (a) the total mass of water is 0.1 kg, determine the time, in s, required to execute the process.

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