History 146 American history

This is an online quiz. You Have 40 minutes to answer 20 T/F questions and 2 essay questions. Do not skip over any questions as you will not be allowed to go back to answer them later. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE DIRECTLY FROM OTHER WEBSITES. Answer the esssay questions using only 1 or 2 sentences. I will pay half first and pay the rest after the quiz is done.


Study Guide:

How did the Industrial Revolution cause the North and the South to develop differently?

Many historians believe that one of the fundamental problems inherent in American history has been the tension that exists between two American values: Opportunity and Equality. Explain this conflict as it developed between the years 1815 to 1845.
In what ways did Jackson portray himself as a representative of the people? Identify 3 issues Jackson supported which demonstrated his “common man” beliefs.
Why Did Factories Develop- in the U.S.?
How Did They Change Over Time?

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