I need my essay revised.

Revise, don’t merely edit.  Your assigned purpose is twofold: to give your readers both a deeper understanding of this virtue and a greater appreciation of it. In other words, make your readers see it, understand it, and appreciate the importance of it in ways they never have before. Do this by providing an extended definition of the virtue. Attempt to answer the following questions in your essay (I do not recommend directly asking these questions in your essay, but as you brainstorm for content you are expected to answer them for your readers). Organize the content in a way that will make sense to the assigned audience.  The virtue i chose was Perseverance.  My essay is attached below


Edit. Use the Find command and the Hit List to check for those common errors. A heads-up: Few if any language errors have been highlighted in this draft, but that doesn’t mean such errors are not a concern. It is not uncommon for language errors (and MLA formatting errors) to lower a draft’s score anywhere from 5-15%.

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