Immigration reform

This Please make sure you understand this please.


This has two parts to it has a discussion it needs to be 75 to 150 words and a 4-5 page paper APA styles and I have attached what the APA style paper should look like and it has to be work cited with the website and thanks



Immigration Reform

Can immigration reform reach a level which will both improve the process for obtaining citizenship and significantly improve the security of our borders? Why or Why not? Explain your position.

Securing the Border

This assignment will be a 4-5, no more than a 6 page paper. Prepare a comprehensive plan for U.S. border security. The plan will include concepts such as border security, immigration issues, economic impact and future political ramifications. The paper will address the current pitfalls associated with this topic and your recommendations on how to rectify the situation. Remember, this submission requires APA writing style.

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