Lifestyle assignment

Please answer the following questions, using sub-titles to organize your work and directly referencing sources (need help with this?):

  1. Leisure behaviors differ across the different stages of human development. Considering children and youth, please describe the cognitive (brain) and physical (body) changes that take place as a human being ages from infancy, toddler, early childhood, and late childhood. Tell me how leisure behavior may change as a result of these change. (Hint: Discuss Piaget’s work on cognition and Erikson’s work on psychology in the Kleiber et al. (2011) readings, and review Dr. Ralston’s lectures.)

  2. Play is described as essential to the proper development of children. What are the different types of play that children engage in as they develop? Identify and succinctly describe each of the types of play for each age group, include a concrete example for each. (Hint: Reference Parten’s work in Kleiber et al. (2011), and review the PBS module.)

    OPTIONAL: If you would like to try your hand at designing an infographic to answer questions 1 and 2, please go ahead (instead of writing your answers). Submit two separate files (one addressing each question) as a JPEG or PDF. Be sure to address the items in the question but in keeping with the purpose of an infographic, do not include a lot of text. Here is a helpful guide: How Designers Do It: 15 Easy Steps To Design an Infographic From Scratch (Links to an external site.).

  3. Adolescents have more discretionary time and engage in more leisure activities than any other group with the exception of the elderly. Identify and describe the challenges of identity and intimacy that adolescents must face as they transition to adulthood. How does this influence their leisure choices? How can the adults in their lives help adolescents overcome these challenges by ensuring engagement in positive leisure activities? Please provide specific examples to back up your recommendations, and feel free to refer to your own life experiences. (Hint: Refer to the Kleiber et al. (2011) readings.)

  4. Identify three (3) leisure related activities that you participated in as a child. Who or what influenced you to engage in these activities? Did you continue to engage in these activities throughout your life’s progression to this point in time? Why or why not? As an adult and college student, reflect on your own leisure activities. How do your roles related to your work, family, and community influence your leisure behaviors?  


Please take the time to ensure that you have attached the correct files. After the files are submitted, please verify that the correct files appear on the assignment page.   

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