Measuring Temperature using the linear equation y 32 18x

Measuring Temperature. The two most commonly used scales for measuring temperature are the Fahrenheit and Celsius scales. If you let y denote Fahrenheit temperature and x denote Celsius temperature, you can express the relationship between those two scales with the linear equation y = 32 + 1.8x.

a. Determine b0 and b1.

b. Find the Fahrenheit temperatures corresponding to the Celsius temperatures −40?, 0?, 20?, and 100?.

c. Graph the linear equation y = 32 + 1.8x, using the four points found in part (b).

d. Apply the graph obtained in part (c) to estimate visually the Fahrenheit temperature corresponding to a Celsius temperature of 28?. Then calculate that temperature exactly by using the linear equation y = 32 + 1.8x.

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