Powerpoint Due Tonight

Prepare a 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker’s notes that summarizes ONE of the following eras:

  • Early Middle Ages (about 500-1000 C.E.)
  • High Middle Ages (about 1000-1300 C.E.)
  • Late Middle Ages (about 1300-1500 C.E.)

Address the following items in your presentation:

  • Provide a brief summary for the period of choice related to the important developments in the humanities that characterized that period.
  • Provide an introduction and concluding slide to frame your ideas.
  • Include a minimum of three academic sources.

Provide a brief summary of selected important developments in the humanities that characterizes the period. Then, select six specific works of art or architecture from the period to illustrate your argument. The following are some categories of achievements in the humanities that might help you focus your efforts:

  • Sculpture and three-dimensional art
  • Painting and two-dimensional art
  • Civic and religious architecture
  • Domestic architecture
  • Decorative items (jewelry and personal items)
  • Technological achievements
  • Furniture
  • Music
  • Literature and poetry 

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