PSY – Fictitious Case Study

Write a paper which synthesizes sources to describe a fictitious case study concerning a high risk student athlete named Jason who is a 19 year old who is a white individual in danger of failing and dropping out of college. The focus should be on the problem and the information in the case. The assignment is to write a 2,000 word essay in which you synthesize sources to describe the case. The research-based description should include the following:
1. The central issue/problem of the case.
2. The constraints surrounding the issue/problem.
3. The critical factors in the case.
4. The theoretical framework that should be used to conceptualize the case. The framework should consider emotion, cognition, and behavior in performance settings. An initial needs assessment.
The paper must be 2,000 words in APA format with at least five peer-reviewed sources (references) with in-text citations.

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