Research 10-15 pages on CS LEWIS

Midterm Paper PHI 2010

Choose only a philosopher that really affects you (i.e. that you really like or really hate). It will make the writing process significantly easier if you have strong feelings one way or the other. 

My philosopher is cs lewis

Paper Requirements

      10-15 pages

      APA, MLA or Chicago Style formatting

      Citations throughout

      Set up paper in sections

      Section I – History and background of the chosen philosopher -2-4 pages

      Section II – Basic ideas and innovations of this philosopher – 4-6 pages

      Section III – Your opinions of these ideas – 2-3 pages

      Section IV – What are the pros and cons of learning about this philosopher – 1-2 pages

      Section V – What made you choose to write on this philosopher – 1-2 pages

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