Stats analysis and a paper

re are two deliverables for this  homework.

1.  An Excel file with the calculation of Confidence Interval of the difference of proportions.

2.  A Microsoft Word file contains the write-up of the analysis and answers to the questions.

The Confidence Interval (C.I.) Calculation

·  To help you do the C.I., you have been provided with an Excel file “Chapter 8_Procedures_v2”. Use this template to complete the analysis.  This template contains various C.I. calculations.  You will be using the sheet “CI for Diff of two Prop” for your homework.  It is the “brown” colored tab sheet. The embedded formulas on this sheet are based on the CI formula from page 480 of your textbook.  In order to preserve the embedded formulas, you are only allowed to input numbers into the “green” cells.  I encourage you to explore how the embedded formulas were implemented.

·  This Excel file accounts for 20 points of your homework grade.

The Write-up

·  The write-up should include the C.I. analysis and answers to the questions.

·  The write-up must be in Microsoft Word.

·  The write-up accounts for 10 points of your homework grade.

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