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In your own words, explain the principle of programming to an interface.
This explanation is meant to help develop your peers’ understanding and should be written in as simple terms as possible.
How does programming to an interface differ from programming to an implementation?
How can programming to an interface help create applications that are easy to maintain and extensible?
Share an example that you found through research that illustrates this principle. Be sure to cite the source of your example.
Explain the example you found in 1 of the following 3 ways:
Document the example you found with comments to explain how programming to an interface was used. Include screenshots or the source with your comments.
Run the application, using the debugger. Use breakpoints and step through the code to capture use of this principle. Include, in your essay, screenshots with captions that explain how the principle of programming to an interface was used.
Provide your own example of how you could apply the principle of programming to an interface, using one of the interfaces provided by the Java API. Thoroughly explain your example using UML diagrams, screenshots and comments. You do not have to code your example. A thorough design is appropriate.

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