In this section, start by identifying common practices among organizations and current research regarding managing change, and effects on and strategies for developing a positive organizational culture. External resources should be used to develop this section. This "mini research" should be presented with external citations (APA style) and should be two to three pages in length. This introductory section will serve as a foundation for presentation and assessment of the practices of your chosen company.

Follow your research paragraphs with a description of the practices within your chosen company. How do they encourage, reinforce, and manage change? How would you describe the culture of your chosen organization? How do these practices align with current research? What changes have been made recently related to these issues? This section should fill another 2-3 pages and should address the following areas:

Conduct and present research that evaluates the current culture of the organization. (Describe the culture and provide evidence to support your description.)
Provide examples of how environmental forces have impacted the organization. (What changes have been necessary?).
Identify how the organization has accepted or resisted change as a result of these forces

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