Ashford BUS 690 Week 1 DQ 1


Nicon Inc.’s Mission Statement




Read Nicon Inc’s mission statement in Exhibit 2.1. and watch the video What Makes a Mission Statement Good (or Bad)?.


  • Compare your organization’s vision and mission statement to that of Nicon, identifying at least three comparable concepts. Based on the provided YouTube video, do you consider Nicon’s statement to be effective? How about the one your company has?

  • If you are not employed, use a past employer’s mission statement, or one from a company you are familiar with. You may discuss your mission statement from any perspective you desire, but the posting must be well-thought out and inspire dialogue in reference to the case company. 


    Johnson, B. D. (2010, May 17). What makes a mission statement good (or bad)? [Video file]. Retrieved from


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