BUSN – The Case of the Expanding Database

The Case of the Expanding Database

One day you run into a friend from college, who is operating a direct mail company which is in the business of gathering and selling names for marketing ventures. Her company has no privacy policy and she does not provide an opportunity for people to “opt-in” or “opt-out” of the marketing lists. You have a database of contacts based on your own sales efforts. She offers you the opportunity to share databases – for each name you submit to her marketing database, you will receive $100. Your database currently has 6,000 names from people who have asked you for information about the product and to whom you have made presentations. Many of the people in the database are your current customers.

Be Attentive: Set the Context 1. Ethical Actor

1 The first step is to identify the ethical actor. In a sentence identify the ethical actor for this problem.
2.The next step is to identify the stakeholders. List the other stakeholders for this problem.
3. In two or three bullet points, identify any assumptions you are making about the problem.
4. Be intelligent: Identify the Issue and the Values in Tension.
a. In one sentence, identify the issue for the problem.
b. In three or four bullet points, identify the values in tension.

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