Cause and Manner of Death (Discussion Board)

Please explain the difference between Manner of Death and Cause of Death.

What would be the Cause and Manner of Death in the following scenarios? Please explain your answers.

  1. A cyclist is struck by a vehicle which then leaves the scene. The victim’s chest is crushed.
  2. A 3 year-old girl is struck by a bullet when her 8 year-old brother finds their father’s unlocked handgun.
  3. The perpetrator of an armed robbery turns to face the police, states, “Just kill me!” and then points his gun at police. Police shoot the perpetrator.
  4. A transgender man is beaten by two men and left in the street. Due to his injuries, he is unable to get help and bleeds to death. 
  5. As part of a hazing ritual at college, a 20 year-old man is forced to drink two liters of vodka in a two-hour period. After having multiple seizures, he becomes comatose and later dies.

Be sure to support your opinions with credible research and to cite and reference your sources in APA style. Remember, writing mechanics count in every post you make.




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