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As you read about this week in your eBook, technology is the backbone of almost every successful business today. This is true of the luxury hotel business, where innovative technology is at the heart of the business. While technology may be at the heart of the business, it is just as important to balance this with that personal touch that valued guests expect and require. For example, technology allows guests to easily order room service from their smartphones or from their television sets in their hotel rooms. The personal touch then comes in when the orders are personally delivered by staff members on antique-looking carts with the meals on fine china and drinks in crystal glasses. One of the biggest challenges of a luxury hotel is balancing technology while consistently delivering that personal touch. In order to get a better look into this challenge, address the following questions based on the key ideas outlined in the reading this week:

  • What are the key customer service processes and related procedures that a hotel will typically perform?
  • What processes would you automate? How?
  • What processes will you choose to conduct with that human touch?
  • For the processes that you will, keep “hands on,” how can you use technology to improve their efficiency?
  • For the processes that you will automate, how can you add that personal touch to them?
  • 150 words

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