discussion reply minimum 50 words, in own words please

1: please share how Instant Messaging and other systems allow unsuspecting users to download files that may contain viruses?



2:I think that over the years instant messaging has become an increasingly popular method for communicating over the Internet. But the increased use of instant messaging has led to a large number of increased security risks. Today the instant messaging networks provide the ability not only transfer text messages, but also the transfer of files. By doing so, instant messengers can transfer worms and other malware, and also provide an access point for backdoor Trojan horses.


3:George, good post and yes, “Instant Messaging has the ability to download different files, extensions, and images” and this can definitely be a security risk.  In fact, downloading itself can be a risk even with a good virus protection.  George and class, even though TCP/IP has been a great tool for many organizations, why is it important to understand issues associated with this?  And please describe some of these issues.

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