Ford motor financial performance

 a project to analyze ford motor company’s financial requires me to present,review,and analyze the organization’s published annual reports and related footnotes for the last 2 years.Specifically,the paper will cover the following:


(1)Discuss methods used to account for assets,liabilities,and shareholder equity,and explain how the company’s inventory valuation method affects reported results.


(2)Explain the company’s approach to internal controls,and assess it’s compliance with sarbanes-Oxley.


(3)prepare and interpret the results of horizontal and vertical analyses of the financial statements.


(4)prepare and interpret the results of at least 5 ratios,1 from each of the following categories:profit ratios,debt ratios, efficiency ratios, equity ratios,liquidity ratios,assess the company’s overall financial performance and the integrity of its internal controls.


Discuss how various stakeholders-internal and external-use information contained in the financial statements for decision making.include the last 2 years of published financial statements as appendices to the report. do not include the entire annual reports. 5-6 pages,plus reference page


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