“Supervisors” Please respond to the following:
• Consider a situation where you have been directed to control the change process for your organization and you encounter a supervisor who is extremely resistant to change. Even though the change may bring about new profits, his view is “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.” He is also convinced that the change will make his job and the jobs of his team members, obsolete, which is not the case. Describe the steps that you would take to deal with the resistance to change. Explain why you believe those steps would be effective in convincing the supervisor that the change will benefit all parties involved in the long run.
• Put yourself in the shoes of the supervisor. Describe the type of information you would need to be presented with in order to lessen your resistance to the change being proposed. Then, argue whether or not the same level of information is needed for personnel at each level. Justify your argument.

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