I need help with my writing essay

I need you to write a research essay about “normalization of Deviance,” at least the total 6 pages, the essay should be as 3 parts:

Part 1; I need you to define “normalization of Deviance,” and what it means and use two thick quotes from other articles that show how they use it, they should be at least three sources, and it should be at least 2 pages.  

Part 2: I need to choose a case or event that is mention in the attachment file, and write at least 2 pages and use four sources the minimum. 

Part 3: I need you to write 2 pages that how do you think that “normalization of Deviance,” explain your choose event or case in part 2 


No plagiarism and do not use Wikipedia as sources. I need it on time, please. See the attachment

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