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Part I – Intolerance and Cross Cultural Communication Problems (70 points)

Locate two article (not used in class) that demonstrate intolerance toward a group or individual occurring within the last 10 years. This intolerance can include majority/minority intolerance in a city, region, or a country (it does not have to be in the United States, but the articles do need to be in English). You must reference this article with appropriate citation, and you should include either a link to the article or a complete copy of the article in your final essay (not part of the required page count).

Respond to the following two prompts:

1. Give a summary (including citations) of each of the articles you selected and include information on how the events in the articles show intolerance toward a group or individual. Who are the minority and majority groups in these articles? (1-2 pgs each article) It is an easier task if the two articles are on the same topic, but that is not required.

2. Take a stance on how well the articles (or individuals in the articles) you selected demonstrate sympathy and empathy from the Bennett article (attached) we read. Use specific examples from both the articles you selected and the Bennett article to make your claim. (min.1 pg- max 2 pgs) (It is also possible that the articles show neither sympathy nor empathy and in that case, tell me what it would have looked like if there was sympathy or empathy.) I am looking for 2-3 examples here.

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