Interpersonal Communication




Choose a communication skill or an interpersonal relationship that you want to improve.  Describe how and why the skill or relationship needs improving.  Give examples of when you utilize the skill and when you don’t.  For example, are you more willing to express your feelings with women rather than with men?  Are you assertive with strangers, but not with family or friends?  Do you get along with others, but can’t seem to get along with one particular person or one type of person?  Has the relationship always needed mending or did recent events strain the relationship?  Describe your past history with the skill or relationship.  Why do you think you don’t utilize the skill?  Was the skill ever modeled for you?  What types of relationships were modeled for you?  What events shaped your opinion of the skill or the relationship?  Note any relevant background information pertinent to the skill or the people in the relationship.

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