Literature Review

For this assignment, construct an 8 – 10 page (not including the cover or References pages) length paper summarizing 6 – 8 evidence based (meaning reports of findings arising from experimental research conducted by the article author[s] and not opinion articles or publications summarizing multiple research studies), peer-reviewed articles focused on a single topic. These summaries must not be merely one summary after another with no meaningful connections between them, but rather the paper should integrate and demonstrate clearly how the summaries are logically related to one another in a coherent and well-articulated literature review. The paper will end with a minimum of two paragraphs summarizing points made and articulating suggestions for future research directions arising from the article reviews.



This assignment submission will be evaluated based on:
  • The degree to which the article summaries are truly integrated and logically related; arbitrary statements of “This is related to that” without supporting evidence of an actual connection will result in a significant point deduction.
  • Evidence of academically mature insight and use critical thinking skills in analyzing and relating the articles to each other and making suggestions for future research directions.
  • Clear and thorough articulation of the paper’s key points.
  • Compliance with APA paper formatting standards.
  • Minimal to no grammar, spelling or basic writing errors

Articles that will be used will be proved. ONLY these articles are to be used.

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