MAN6501_Operations Management



1. Judging only by these data sets, are the two companies offering machines with capable filling processes? Which supplier should SSI prefer and why? Substantiate your answer using both mathematical analysis and a graphical representation.

  • Fill ‘N Seal Corporation
  • Acme Filling, Inc.

2. If the SSI team decides to work only with a machine supplier capable of meeting the specifications with Six Sigma quality levels, what values for standard deviation would be required, assuming a centered process?

3. Which vendor do you think would be more able to modify their machine process to meet the new requirements of Six Sigma Quality? Please explain your answer.

4. Working with the filling machine vendor you selected in #3 above, consider a Continuous Process Improvement program with the objective of achieving Six Sigma performance. Describe how the vendor might use some of the seven Quality Control tools to improve their precision filling process. Include at least three of the tools in your discussion and be specific regarding their use.

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