Managerial accounting

Cycle Gear Corporation has incurred the following costs on job number W456, an order for 20 spe- cial sprockets to be delivered at the end of next month. Direct materials: On April 10, requisition number 15673 was issued for 20 titanium blanks to be used in the special order.The blanks cost $15.00 each. On April 11, requisition number 15678 was issued for 480 hardened nibs also to be used in the special order.The nibs cost $1.25 each. Direct labour: On April 12, Jamie Unser worked from 11:00 AMuntil 2:45 PMon Job W456.He is paid $9.60 per hour. On April 18, Melissa Chan worked from 8:15 AMuntil 11:30 AMon Job W456.She is paid $12.20 per hour. Required: 1. On what documents would these costs be recorded? 2. How much cost should have been recorded on each of the documents for Job W456?

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