Select a current health policy problem.  Use news articles, journal articles, your textbook, and other sources to find a policy problem that interests you.  Decide which problem you want to resolve.  Make a selection that REALLY interests you.  Select a topic that lends itself to compromise and alternative solutions.  Controversy is required because everyone must “take a position” on a subject that has at least one opposing view, and room for advocacy.

You can study a current or proposed piece of legislation, guideline, regulation, or bylaw.  Do not focus on a “procedure”.   Keep in mind that some issues vary within different states.   (For an example, some states recognize living wills and others do not.)   Therefore, avoid a national mandate … or be VERY careful to choose a manageable federal issue.   Keep it simple.   Do not include too many elements or variables.  


 Answer the following questions to begin development of your PPP:

1. Who is your client?  

  • Important Note:  Be specific … do NOT select a large generic population or group.  In most cases, your client will be a relevant nonprofit agency or special interest group.  Identify and briefly describe your choice. 
  • Briefly explain the reason for your choice.

2. Write a Problem Statement. 

  • This must be in the form of a question.   
  • The Problem Statement is dependent on the point of view of the client.
  • Write a manageable problem statement that is clearly phrased and as brief as possible.  Limit your focus and keep it simple.
  • 3. Please use references

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