MCommerce Report

m-Commerce Report

What is mCommerce? as it appeared in International Journal of Mobile Communications on June 18, 2013

Mobile Commerce, also known as M-Commerce or mCommerce, is the ability to conduct commerce using a mobile device, such as a mobile phone, a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), a smartphone, or other emerging mobile equipment such as dashtop mobile devices.

“Although the rapid growth of the mobile phone market makes companies very excited about the great potential of m-commerce, after the crisis people are more sceptical and think it might just be more hype. There is still no single answer to justify either of these two opposite opinions. To achieve m-commerce success, people are looking for innovative killer applications or extensions of existing e-commerce applications in a mobile environment. “

 Use the following criteria to develop your mCommerce Report.

===> For each of the following goods and services listed below:

  1. Identify the core values most relevant to their purchase and use. How does mCommerce facilitate the purchase?
  2. Determine whether these values encourage or discourage use or ownership and why. Is mCommerce an advantage or disadvantage to the purchase?
  3. Determine whether these core values are shifting, and if so, in what direction. If the core values are shifting has mCommerce played a role?

===> Goods and services include:

  1. Travel
  2. Cellular phones
  3. Cosmetics
  4. Sport gear
  5. Books / Music / Apps / Games
  6. Clothing


  • Use APA Manual 6th Edition 2nd printing, writing guidelines for all of your papers.
  • Use a Title Page and page numbers for all pages.
  • Double Space & use 12pt. font in Times New Roman.
  • 4-5 Pages of conent
  • Reference Page
  • When saving/submitting your papers, save as “last name, first initial, assignment title” i.e.,Smith, J. Effective Leadership Paper
  • Abstracts are required unless indicated otherwise.
  • Pay attention to correct formatting for in-text citations and reference page
  • Do not use Wikipedia as a source…it is not always reliable. Use it to gain general understanding of a topic and to help guide your next steps.
  • Limit your use of direct quotes from the source. I want to read your words and your interpretations…If I want to verify the material, I will research further on my own

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