part B, prof shad

3. Find at least 5 points of comparison between the textbook and the articles you have selected. This means that you should find five things we have talked about from the text book and show how the articles demonstrate each of those 5 things (using examples from the article.) (1-2 pages) You can divide the 5 things over the two articles, or you can take all five examples from one article.( I have attached some pages from the book which similarities and differences could be found, let me know if you need more paged if non if them work Prof)

4. Compare the Articles you selected with the article your group worked with in class from the book Us and Them: A History of Intolerance in America. Identify at least three points of comparison between the articles you selected and the article we worked with in class(attached in files). In comparing, it could be either similarities that you see or differences. (1-2 pages) ( Files attached for my group in class article, the files numbered 59-65 the ghost dance article)

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