Personal Experience Paper

Personal Experience Papers (PEPs): The paper should be completed in 2-3 pages.  Each personal experience paper will assess the class member’s critical thinking skills and use of standard English.  Writing skills that demonstrate clarity, precision, and strong organization will receive superior grades.

In the paper you must discuss how family will always be there for you for support, and they are the reason towards success in the future. Use your own personal experience as if you are the person experiencing this YOU MUST ONLY USE 2 SOURCES. 

** I will be attaching a sample essay that was written on the same topic, but I want it to completely differ from the sample paper, rather write the essay from your heart what family means to you.

Here is the format for each of the personal experience papers:

  1. Statement of Problem: State the chosen communication concept or principle to which your personal experience is to be based on in the introduction of the paper.  Also in the introduction, explain your research goal(s).
  2. Literature Review: Discuss the chosen concept or principle based on both primary ( a minimum of one outside research is required per PEP) and secondary information (information from the textbook).  Cite all sources listed on the references page in this section.
  3. Methodology: Describe the situation where the observation takes place in terms of: the number of people involved, people’s demographic characteristics (i.e., age, sex, cultural and ethnic identities), number of hours spent for the duration of the observation, and methods of observation (overt or covert). dISCUSS COUNTRY AND FAMILY MEMEBER CONNECTION THROUGH TECHNOLOGY AND COMMUNICATION BETWEEN ONE ANOTHER…. ACT LIKE YOUR THE STUDENT STUDYING ABROAD.
  4. Findings: Report what you have found.
  5. Describe the connection between the concept and the experience; tell the reader very explicitly how this concept or principle helps explain your experience or how your experience clarifies the concept or principle.
  6. Include References page

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