plots of any of the other numerical variables

The file P02_12.xlsx includes data on the 50 top graduate programs in the United States, according to a recent U.S. News & World Report survey. a. Indicate the type of data for each of the 10 variables considered in the formulation of the overall ranking. b. Create a histogram for each of the numerical vari- ables in this data set. Indicate whether each of these distributions is approximately symmetric or skewed. Which, if any, of these distributions are skewed to the right? Which, if any, are skewed to the left? c. Identify the schools with the largest and smallest annual out-of-state tuition and fee levels. d. Find the annual out-of-state tuition and fee levels at each of the 25th, 50th, and 75th percentiles for these schools. For Excel 2010 users only, find these percentiles using both the PERCENTILE.INC and PERCENTILE.EXE functions. Can you explain how and why they are different (if they are indeed different)? f. Create a box plot to characterize this distribution of these MBA salaries. Is this distribution essentially symmetric or skewed? If there are any outliers on either end, which schools do they correspond to? Are these same schools outliers in box plots of any of the other numerical variables (from columns E to L)?

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