POS 371 (Programming Concepts) Complete Course Week 1-5

POS 371 ( Programming Concepts)

Week 1

Week 1 DQ 1:

Review the document on code citation and documentation guidelines in the Course Materials section of your student Web site and the Avoiding Plagiarism tutorial available on your student Web site. Discuss the issues of proper citation as they apply to computer programs. What are the consequences of not citing computer programs properly?

Week 1 DQ 2:

Based on McBride’s (2007) article, what personal and professional development activities should software developers pursue to prepare themselves to become software architects? What activities are the article missing that would help with this pursuit?

Week 1 DQ 3:

Flowcharts and pseudo-code are two language-independent ways to capture the programming steps needed to solve a problem. Do you believe these are useful components in the software development process? If so, where and how do they fit?

Week 1Assignment:

POS 371 Week 1 Summary.

Week 2

Week 2 DQ 1:

In the article “Building Trustworthy Software” (2007), Hogan discusses many software development issues. Pick one of these issues, explain its significance, and critically examine the article’s discussion of it.

Week 2 DQ 2:

 In the article “Thoughts on Language Design” (2007), Steele suggests that structured programming techniques may not be necessary or even as helpful today as they were in the past. Discuss the author’s reasoning and explain why you agree or disagree with the author’s perspective.

Week 2 DQ 3:

Differentiate between primitive and user-created methods of programming. Give a scenario in which each method would be preferred over the other.

Week 2 Assignments:

POS 371 Week 2 Hana FlowChart.jpt

POS 371 Week 2 HanaWorld.a2w

POS 371 Week 2 MadCow Flowchart.jpg

POS 371 Week 2 MadCow.a2w

POS 371 Week 1 Summary.docx

Week 3

Week 3 DQ 1

 Find a Web site that explains the use of a selection structure or an iteration structure in programming. Provide the link to the site and explain in your own words why you found the site to be helpful.

Week 3 DQ 2

 Based on the article by Mund et al. (2007), discuss lessons that beginning computer programmers, or even experienced computer programmers, can learn from the article. In what way can you apply these lessons in your current position or a desired future position?

Week 3 DQ 3

 In Coffee’s (2006) article, IT professionals discuss the role application developers take in software security. Pick one of these IT experts, summarize his or her perspective on building security into software, and then discuss the feasibility and practicality of the expert’s suggestion.

Week 3 Assignments:

POS 371 Week 3 Big12 FlowChart.jpg

POS 371 Week 3 Big 12.a2w

POS 371 Week 3 Space Jump FlowChart.jpg

POS 371 Week 3 Space Jump.a2w

POS 371 Week 3 Summary.docx

Week 4

Week 4 DQ 1

 Based on Wirfs-Brock’s (2007) article, discuss whether there is more to good design than beautiful code.

Week 4 DQ 2

 The use of open source products and solutions is a popular topic. What is open source? Identify the open source languages. What is their intent, and how should open source products be used or not used? How does the use of open source products relate to the functions within a programming language? What are some of the pros and cons of its use?

Week 4 DQ 3

 What are application programming interfaces (APIs)? Identify several APIs that could or do exist in the software developed and maintained by a company for which you currently work or would like to work. What is the basic limitation of APIs? Are they still useful as opposed to object oriented programming (OOP)? Explain your answer.


Week 4 Assignments:

POS 371 Week 4 Helicopter Flowchart.jpg

POS 371 Week 4 HeliCopter.a2w

POS 371 Week 4 JetsFlow.jpg

POS 371 Week 4 JumpJets.a2w

POS 371 Week 4 Summary.docx

Week 5

Week 5 DQ 1

 How is recursion and iteration used in programming? Provide examples of the various types of recursion and iteration and explain why each is used.

Week 5 DQ 2

 Based on Sokolov’s (2007) article, discuss techniques for reducing array and other programming errors. Which technique do you believe is the most beneficial? Explain.

Week 5 DQ 3

 Based on McCabe’s (2007) article, discuss issues related to the backup of various data types. How can these issues be minimized?


Week 5 Assignments:

POS 371 Week 5 Assignment Pseudo – code (Old West animation)

POS 371 Week 5 Team Assignment Old West Animation.a2w

POS 371 Week 5 Team Assignment PowerPoint Project.pptx

POS 371 Week 5 Summary.

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