POS 371 (Programming Concepts) Week 3 Complete A+ Graded

POS 371 ( Programming Concepts)


Week 3


Week 3 DQ 1

 Find a Web site that explains the use of a selection structure or an iteration structure in programming. Provide the link to the site and explain in your own words why you found the site to be helpful.


Week 3 DQ 2

 Based on the article by Mund et al. (2007), discuss lessons that beginning computer programmers, or even experienced computer programmers, can learn from the article. In what way can you apply these lessons in your current position or a desired future position?


Week 3 DQ 3

 In Coffee’s (2006) article, IT professionals discuss the role application developers take in software security. Pick one of these IT experts, summarize his or her perspective on building security into software, and then discuss the feasibility and practicality of the expert’s suggestion.


Week 3 Assignments:


POS 371 Week 3 Big12 FlowChart.jpg

POS 371 Week 3 Big 12.a2w

POS 371 Week 3 Space Jump FlowChart.jpg

POS 371 Week 3 Space Jump.a2w

POS 371 Week 3 Summary.docx

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