POS 371 (Programming Concepts) Week 4 Complete A+ Graded

POS 371 ( Programming Concepts)


Week 4

Week 4 DQ 1

 Based on Wirfs-Brock‚Äôs (2007) article, discuss whether there is more to good design than beautiful code.

Week 4 DQ 2

 The use of open source products and solutions is a popular topic. What is open source? Identify the open source languages. What is their intent, and how should open source products be used or not used? How does the use of open source products relate to the functions within a programming language? What are some of the pros and cons of its use?

Week 4 DQ 3

 What are application programming interfaces (APIs)? Identify several APIs that could or do exist in the software developed and maintained by a company for which you currently work or would like to work. What is the basic limitation of APIs? Are they still useful as opposed to object oriented programming (OOP)? Explain your answer.


Week 4 Assignments:


POS 371 Week 4 Helicopter Flowchart.jpg

POS 371 Week 4 HeliCopter.a2w

POS 371 Week 4 JetsFlow.jpg

POS 371 Week 4 JumpJets.a2w

POS 371 Week 4 Summary.docx

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