POS 409 Week 2 Complete DQ's & Assignment (NET II) A+ Graded

POS 409 (Net II)

Week 2


Week 2 DQ 1:

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DQ 1  : Write a 200- to 300-word short-answer response to the following:

(a)   Create an example of a nested IF structure and build it into a small project. Compile and execute the program, and discuss any challenges you encountered. Post the code of the program.

(b)   Think of an example associated with your work or hobbies in which a sequential data file would be useful. Create a project that includes reading from or writing to that file using a repetition structure. Post the code for your solution as an attached zip file.

Consider keeping a copy of your project for future employment purposes.

Ref: Decision Structures, Chapter 4, “Starting Out with Visual C#”
        Using Files for Data Storage, Chapter 5, page 289, “Starting Out with Visual C#”

Week 2 DQ 2:

DQ 2 After reading the Lecture and the References in this question:

Write a 200- to 300-word short-answer response to the following:


(a)   The XAML expression {Binding Path:Name} means that the control is data bound to the property Name which is available from the specified DataContext.

If you have a textbox that you want bound to a Property called Price in the specified DataContext,

How will you write the XAML code for the textbox?

(b)   Write the XAML code to specify a Collection Data Source for a Collection named ResidenceList.

This source should be available for all items in a Window.

Ref: Data Binding in WPF


         Data Binding, the WPF Way


Week 2 Assignment:

Learning Team C Project Kudler Fine Foods Inventory Management Systems

POS 409 Week 2 Individual Dice Simulation.

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