Benchmarking Study –Choose two major consulting firms of your choice  i.e. Booz-Allen, McKinsey etc.(see below) and write up a detailed, clear 10 page summary of their particular approaches to consulting. You will have to research this on your own, of course. This is called a consulting benchmark report and will familiarize you with the distinctive approaches used by the big firms.




Note: Basically two firm Explanation, Description, and contrast, In general a comparison paper.




List of the Consulting Firm Benchmarking Study Firms:


Each of you is required to conduct a benchmarking study on any two of the Management Consulting firms listed below:


1.       McKinsey and Company


2.       Bain and Company


3.       Booz Allen Hamilton


4.       IBM Global Services


5.       Arthur Anderson/Accenture


6.       Deloitte Consulting


7.       Hewitt Associates


8.       HURON Consulting Group, LLC


9.       A.T. Kearney


10.   Bearing Point


11.   Towers Perrin

12.   Boston Consulting Group, Inc

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