res/ 351 week 3

 Tasty Restaurant has hired Premium Research to obtain information regarding patrons’ dining experience. The main areas of interest include the following:

1. Satisfaction with the food,

2. Interaction with the employees,

3. Ambience of the restaurant, and

4. Reasons for dining at the restaurant.


Develop a 10 to 12-item questionnaire to address areas Tasty Restaurant has suggested. Use at least 2, no more than 3, different scales including:

a) A graphic rating scale.

b) A multiple rating list.

c) Likert-type scale

d) Semantic differential scale

e) Forced ranking scale

f) Semantic differential scale

g) Comparison

h) Category scales.

Your textbook explains each of these scales.


Explain why you picked and would recommend the scales you used?


 Use the areas of interest as subheadings for your questionnaire


Use APA format for your references.

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