Write a 5 pages long paper about semiconductors addressing the following questions:

1) What is a semiconductor and what are its differences with respect to conductors and insulators?

2) How is the conductivity of a semiconductor compared to conductors?

3) How is the energy gap of a semiconductor related to the energy gap of insulator materials?

4) How is the resistance temperature coefficient of a semiconductor related to the coefficient of a conductor?

5) How does the conductivity of a semiconductor can be increased?

6) Give some examples of semiconductor materials

7) How a semiconductor material is processed in order to produce a semiconductor wafer useful in the electronic industry?

8) What are an intrinsic and an extrinsic semiconductor?

9) What electrical carriers are used in semiconductor electronics? What is a hole?

10) Give some examples of the use of semiconductor materials in the electronic industry (e.g. diodes, LEDs, transistors)

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