Setting up a wireless network

Check the attachments below. Having read the articles below, “Myths and Truths of Wireless Security” and “Setting up a wireless network”(link provided), create an appropriate network map diagram of YOUR home network. You may refer to TextbookData Communications and Networking by White(author) for diagrams.

1.  Show wired and wireless connections.

2.  Indicate the CAT x (i.e., CAT 5, CAT 5e, CAT 6, etc) cable in use and the wireless speed of your wireless router and all of your wireless computers and other devices that are in use (i.e., 802.11b, g, a, n, ac, etc).

3.  Indicate what devices are being used to connect, for example motherboard, USB, network interface card, Bluetooth, etc.

4.  Include all peripherals, iPods, tablets and phones (show all IP Addresses).

5.  If you have your TV hooked up to the Internet (Smart TV) then show that as well.

6.  Describe where your main firewalls are (both hardware-based and software-based).

7.  Do NOT show the status of your ports. 

8.  Show the IP addresses for all of your connected computers/devices/peripherals, except for your router’s public IP address.

9.  Do NOT show MAC addresses.

  • The paper will consist of the diagram plus an explanation pages

LINK below for Setting up home network 


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